Solve the situation/problem "B"

@angnima (772)
February 27, 2007 12:19am CST
Situation/problem "B": "I-Haven't-Got-What-It-Takes" Feeling Creeps Up Solution "B": When That "I-Haven't-Got-What-It-Takes" Feeling Creeps Up on you, THINK BIG. Remember: if you think you are weak,you are. If you think you're inadequate ,you are. If you think you're second class, you are. Whip that natural tendency to sell yourself short with these tools: 1. Look important. It helps you think important. How you look on the outside has a lot to do with how you feel on the inside. 2. Concentrate on your assets. Build a sell-yourself-on-yourself commercial and use it. Learn to supercharge yourself. Know your positive self. 3. Put other people in proper perspective. The other person is just another human being, so why be afraid of him? Think Big Enough to see how good you really are!
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