Is it true: When babies start talking early, they tend to start walking late?

@hh9905 (1275)
February 27, 2007 2:32am CST
Is that statement true? And it seemed, it's vice versa..i.e. when they started walking first, they talk later. Sometimes i think that's true since i have observed that happened to my nephews.
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@mr_ular (842)
• Malaysia
27 Feb 07
Somehow, i find this statement happens to be true many times. I like to observe my friends' children too besides my own nephews and niece. My nephew for instance, started talking at the age of 1 but only walked on his own at the age of almost 2 years old. My niece on the other hand, started walking just before 1 year old but at the moment, she only calls our names like mommy, daddy, auntie and uncle (in the baby slang) and a few other words like to indicate she wants milk, etc. She's now a year and a half. I guess somehow, the statement is not just a myth.
27 Feb 07
I don't think it is always true, but does seem to follow that pattern with some kids. My eldest daughter walked at 10 months and was speaking really well by the age of 2. My younger one didn't walk till 13 months and is over 2 now and still struggles with a lot of words. So sometimes a child is just later with everything.