February 27, 2007 3:02am CST
why man kills man! As all of you see in this world that conflicts exists between countries. For what! territorial conflicts,wealth conflicts,race or caste conflicts,might conflicts or peace at the cost of assassinating others.Let us think and decide who is wrong and who is right. When it is decided further march towards peace and contention becomes easy. Living for himself and caring himself is not the ultimate goal of life. Giving happiness to a man a family is the real task of life. Iraq,Afghanistan.Kashmir,Palestine and other pieces of the world are passing through difficult times in the world history.What for .Find out solution to the problems.Be friends and friendship can only be established through sacrifices,forgiveness and care for others. Poverty has damaged humanity and has kept the man away from man. I am in search of friends who can help me in struggle for inducting sense of reality in people who are at the helm of affairs for making the world a global village for human beings and not a jungle where killing is in practice. May I expect response from scholars, Students and sensitive community.
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@jhartana (1085)
• Australia
27 Feb 07
The world is just getting crazier each day. I don't see any point of killing each other, at the end that will not solve everything. Really, it is absolutely useless in taking other's life. We are humans and regardless of the race and culture we are in, we are still the same. I would love the peace world but killing are happens every seconds everywhere in the world we live in. Unfortunately there is nothing stopping humans for killing others. I would expect more for them to show their forgiveness rather than being violent and even worst taking revenge on someone. The world needs peace, and we need to educate our future generations to do what's right. I think if I have children I would prohibit them watching violent scenes or anything inappropriate. Every parents must enforce it so the innocent children will not become violent persons. By educating them properly I believe we will cut down the number of killing. Government should be taking part as well, either by putting more funding into schools to educate unfortunate children and support more people who are in poverty so they can live happily. The world really needs change! It's now the time.