what do you think about your boyfriend??

@jolope (988)
February 27, 2007 5:35am CST
ok..so here's the brainchild of my question..bear with me with this simple anecdote..or what ever it may be called.. yesterday i saw a discussion here at mylot and it was something about having a week to live..so it asked 'what would you do if you had 1 week to live'..simple as that..and since i'm a blogger, so i decided to put my answer on my blog..because i thought that my answer really told what i really want to do if i really had a week to live..^_^ (that was repetitive wasn't it?^_^) by the way the url is http://jolope.blogs.friendster.com/joan_locel ^_^ and so i posted it.. this morning, i called my boyfriend and the first thing that he told me was..'i saw your blog at friedster..when did you do to your friend's house?why didn't you tell me?' so i was shocked.. i didn't image that he thinks like that..he sounded really stupid when he told me that.. he thought that i was doing something that i didnt tell him.. we'll..im not trying to put hid ego down..i just think that that's just plain stupid not to understand my blog..those were very simple sentences..now i don't know if i should pity him or laugh at him.. when was the last time your boyfriend acted silly about simple things??
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