Do you pay your bills on time?

February 27, 2007 6:41am CST
I do pay my bills on time especially if everything is doing fine. But there many times that things will go wrong and budget will be short so i have to adjust my paying manners.How about you? How do you handle your bills?
3 responses
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
27 Feb 07
I always have the bills paid on time. Even if we do have a shortage of money I'll pay the bills. We only get bills for necessary things like rent, mortgage, electricity. I have it set up so all our bills are due the day our paycheck arrives. We really cannot aford to pay any late fees, so I think this ios the best way to go.
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
I think it is not bad if we are in shortage of money. But we will make sure that we are responsible enough to face our bills.
@jeb083079 (840)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
if i have the money to pay for it already, i will pay it on time. sometimes bills arrived when i'm out of cash already. i do make some budget to monitor expenses.
• United States
27 Feb 07
I pay all my bills on time. If I can't afford something, I certainly don't use credit to pay for it. That is where so many people get in trouble. I don't ever carry a balance on a credit card, and don't have a mark on my credit record. I don't make a ton of money, and I support my wife and son. It's just a matter of being financially smart.