relationship - This couple are ment for eachother.
@mic123 (204)
February 27, 2007 6:46am CST
What would you look in an individual if you want to carry out a relationship?
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• India
27 Feb 07
I will like to have a best friend.......Its that relationship which cannot have any limits, which cannot be descibe in words, this is that part of life which is just unforgettable, this is that person who is a share of our world, without whom we cannot even think of our world, our LIFE....... But Friend should be true , who understands us , can know us , can make us relize his prsence......... A friend is a person who can confidently rely on to help pull you through the hard times, and hold you accountable for ur actions. A friend is loyal & a brother in born of need........ so friend cannot be defined --- these are just small phrases to let you know what is friend, how is friend, who is friend.....
@SheraPop (84)
27 Feb 07
Someone completely different to my husband!! I had my suspicions before we got married, but now my life is so hum drum I feel like I am married to Eyore!!