What is it that makes Battlefield 2 so addictive?

February 27, 2007 6:50am CST
I have been trying to work out what it is exactly that makes battlefield 2 so incredibly addictive. I had some friends take their pc's round for a gaming session over the weekend and we managed to play battlefield 2 solidly for 12 hours together without getting bored. There is no other game that is as addictive as that, that I have ever played. Is it the ranking system? the stats system? the satisfaction of making a kill? the vehicles? To me I would say its the atmosphere more than anything, you truelly feel like your in a big war when you play it and that you play a key part in that war. Id like to know other peopls opinions also. regards rory
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@morph3us (823)
• Italy
27 Feb 07
i never played BF2, but i play America's army (it's a free game FPS i suggest you to try it) i don't like war, but i like to play this game with my friends, and just for funny, and sometimes we make som Clan war with other clan player of the other country, and that's funny
• India
27 Feb 07
am not sure about Battlefield2 man ,.. you are really lucky to play that game,.. since my computer is not able to support that game.,.. i would have to seriously upgrade my system for that,..,i am looking forward towards it... hope even i will be able to play that game,.. but battlefield 1942 was also good,... but was coming as frame by frame in my computer :(