A bunch of Bullies

February 27, 2007 7:26am CST
Two co-workers trying to turn the table on you. You getting even with them through a shout out on skype. One yelled at our boss when caught listening to music. I can't remember offending her. The other is way too old to act like a middle school stude. I once told her that her sandwiches are too small I'm not paying through the nose and that another coworker was also selling meals and asked if she knew it. She went defensive on me and claimed that her customers were complaining about the leftovers. I retorted that they're too fussy about it when in fact there's a lot of people going hungry. My point is, she's all too wound up and defensive for her advancing years. Another co-worker singled me out on the meeting. That ticked me off. I as minding my own business. Other coworkers are badmouthing me when I haven't the slightest idea about them. They won't stop harassing me. Is bullying childish? And why are some people bullying others?
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@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
27 Feb 07
have you even stop to think why every one is acting out towards you maybe there is something about you that needs to change not to make them happy but your self as this seem to have a effect on you a bad one think about it
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
As far as I can remember I haven't deliberately offended anyone. I was just here minding my own business, but they won't stop calling me names. Maybe you're right. I should've kept it to myself.