Why Robbie Williams is depressed?

@carlomeno (1086)
February 27, 2007 8:13am CST
It is incredible to read that Robbie Williams is at the hospital because he is depressed. I can only think that it is because he has reached a big success and he has no more objectives. Someone thinks that the cause is the return to the success of Take That.
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15 Mar 07
money isnt everything, it dont bring happyness, and can make u aone, i mean how do u no if u have freinds cause of who u are or cause of the fame n money? same as partners, do they have feeings for him or is it a kiss n run to papers? it must be so hard to trust and get cose to any one.can he trust any1 when theres storys in newspapers? most days bigs hugs to you robbie i think u great
• Austria
14 Mar 07
Why is Robbie Williams depressed? You should ask him that question because he would be the one who'd have the answer, anything said here is just speculation.
• Italy
27 Feb 07
I think that it is depressed because he has a lot of money and he can have all things he wish..he don't have objectives in his life