Making a child lose weight to wrestle.

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February 27, 2007 8:34am CST
My son is six years old and he loves sports. He just finished wrestling season at 17/3 which was very good. He made the varisty team his first shot and I am very proud of him. My x is jumping up and down because he wants my son to participate in a tournament. I had no problem at first till I found out my son would have to lose 3 pounds to enter. Which means starving him for a day and half. I refused to do it. My son has no water weight just muscle. This could hurt him and I don't want to show him that this is what you do in order to win. I don't feel one should have to sacrafice his bady for a trophy. When he gets older two or three pounds won't make much of a difference but he is still a baby. My x feels I am wrong and taking something away from my son for no reason. I am just looking out for him. Am I wrong. He has also told my son that he will get first place. Although my son is good at wrestling there is no guarentee that he will take first. I believe that is setting him up for disappointment. I believe in my son but also want him to know it's not all about winning. I just want him to enjoy sports till he finds one he really loves. Not push him to think that he must be the best.
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@wmaharper (2316)
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27 Feb 07
I don't think you are being unreasonable. He is only six years old, gaining weight consistently is what he should be focusing on, not losing it so he can qualify for a tournament. Also, I think you are balanced as well about not telling him he will win first place, yes it's very possible that he can, but one thing someone told me early on when I was running track/cross, is that even though you are good, there will usually be someone who is better than you, there is nothing wrong with that, you just do the best that you can, and that's all that's expected of you. It helped me deal with the second places I recieved and made it so much better when I DID recieve first place.
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• Canada
28 Feb 07
I think that you are doing the right thing, and that your ex needs to back off. "taking something away from your son?" If you let him in, you will be "taking something away from him" by starving him!!! Health is more important than a trophy. You're doing the right thing. Stick to your convictions, and tell your ex to back off!!