how to discipline babies

February 27, 2007 9:07am CST
I'm a first time mom so I dont have much idea and experience in raising kids. My 1 year old daughter seems to be turning into a brat. She's always having tantrums when she doesnt get what she wants. I want to discipline her without scolding her but I don't want her also to be a spoiled brat someday. Any advice?
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@limosonia1 (1559)
• United States
27 Feb 07
There are many of ways to disciplen a 1 year old but it's what you feel is good withing how you want to raise her. Most kids test your limit as far as seeing what they can get away with. One of the ways I dealt with it is ignoring the tantrum. Eventually they stop. Or when they threw a tantrum I would put them in their room till it was finished letting them know I did not want to hear it. Once in a while I did do a swat on the but nothing hard but enough to get their attention. But it had to be something that they would get hurt at if the didn't learn the lesson the first time. Just make sure that you don't lose your cool. Never spank or disipline in anger and you will get really far. Also make sure that she knows you love her nomatter what.
• Ghana
27 Feb 07
humm! how can u look at your sweet baby's face, and punish him/her, i guess at that age, what they do is to cry alot, and sometimes you have to leave them to cry, so then they will know that somethings cant be answered by crying
@GuateMom (1411)
• Canada
27 Feb 07
Tantrums are a way to get attention (and they work!), so if you ignore them, your daughter will probably stop throwing so many. Just make sure she can´t hurt herself if she tends to throw herself on the floor or bang her head. Then leave her alone. If you walk out of the room, she won´t have an audience. My son usually just starts playing if we do that. At one, kids are really frustrated because they have definite ideas as to what they want, but can´t do everything themselves or communicate well. You might consider trying baby sign language to help her "talk" to you. We also use time outs with my son (14 months). If he is really getting out of control (kicking, screaming, throwing things and hitting), we put him in his crib for a couple of minutes. You can´t leave them too long, but usually after a minute or two, the crying drops off a bit. I go in and ask if he´s calm yet and he usually holds his arms up for a hug and we continue the day without problems. The idea is to let them have a minute to calm down without hurting themselves or anyone else. I know you don´t want to scold your daughter, but there´s nothing wrong with being firm. Just tell her "I know you want a cookie, but we don´t have cookies before lunch" or whatever. Maybe she won´t understand everything, but as she gets older she´ll get that you are actually listening to her and giving a reason for not letting her have what she wants. Hope these ideas help.