Messegess, Scraps , Sms , Or Mail Rederzs

February 27, 2007 11:26am CST
Do U Consider If Ethical to read other Messages scarps sms or mail OR u think this practice shud be avoided??? Comment on it...
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• United States
2 Mar 07
Top Secret - IS it Top Secret or Open Secret ............ ?
It is completely unethical and wrong to read anything of other person.But their writing or messages are posted on public forum that mean it is not personal other may also read or see it as like Orkut.If anyone think any message or file is confidencial, he/she will not keep it on public forum otherwise it is not confidencial and may use by anyone without permission
• Pakistan
15 Mar 07
Yeahh thats true...
• Pakistan
27 Feb 07
It is morally wrong to read sms , mails or anything else without permission of the person it is related to. But I dont think scrap book reading could be wrong as orkut is an open forum and everyone is well aware of it if a person want to hide his/her scraps he/she should delete it.
• Pakistan
1 Mar 07
Yeahh thats truee its really wrongg to read sms mailzss withour permision... n i dnt knoww why people were enjoying after reading sms mailzs etc..... They think that they Achive Something... N u say abt orkut so i think so there is noo need too go n read the scarpss without any specific reason.....