Smart Parts Trademarks PWND

United States
February 27, 2007 12:00pm CST
Wow... Smart Parts is a trademarking fiend. They not only have shut down competitors such as Action Markers by a mix of intimidation and legality they claimed existed, but now they are continuing to trademark and copyright any valuable piece of intellectual property. Well smart parts, you kept companies from using designs that you claimed were yours when they were actually palmers, you've claimed a massive chunk of intellectual property, you've sued countless entities for intellectual property violations... are you now going to sue me for using the term PWND? You could be like trump and sue a small ma and pa pottery studio for using the trademarked term "You're Fired," but I just dont think that would fly. In case you guys dont know, PWND is widely used in online multiplayer games and is a cross between power and owned. I'm just suprised to see that Smart Parts trademarked it and is using it for paintball.
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