Want to Go to Jail ?

February 27, 2007 12:30pm CST
havev you ever been ti jail?........... ME-NOP..But i'm looking forward to it ........ I couldn't wait till I get behind Bars ........ Really wana see how it feels
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• Canada
3 Mar 07
I am not sure why i am bothering to resond to this as it will be my first.... but i am. I have been to jail, also prison, huge differance you see. i live in Ontario Canada and the system here is a little differant from the USA system. I have been free for a little over one year and to read that someone wants to go inside kinda bothers me to say it nicely. I spent four plus years in a medium-high security penitentary in the Kingston Ontario, area. this place is full of the most dangerous men you could imagine.The mentality of the men in there (with a few exceptions) is that of a pack of wolves. "Inside" as it is refered to is where the old saying "survival of the fittest" truely takes place. The new , young,old, those on their own, are all potential targets of those around them. I saw things in their that i never thought i would see in my life. 25 men lined up to share one needle for a hit of heroin, listening to knives being shrapened on the concrete floor when its is otherwise quiet at night. a man with less then 90 days left stabbed not ten feet from me, another stabbed through and through his stomach and back-the blade poking his winter parka out like a tent as he choked on his own blood.... turns out he wasn't to blame .... wrong guy was killed.... nothing except "i regret to inform you" was given from the system. i was i a few fights when i was inside... you just never know if the situation is over or just put of until the next day. The smell of fear is real, i have smelt it. You think doing time is fun?? i pity you.... Please... think
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