kittens-r u frightened???

February 27, 2007 1:19pm CST
kittens......many love these cute little creatures but...but to many these kittens remain as a frightful many countries...they have superstitious believes like if a cat or a kitten crosses their way wen dey r about to go for some important is thought as a bad sign....people r also scared about the eyes of kittens or cats....but thr r people who love cat eyes..??wat r ur views..does these superstitous believes make any sense????
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@smithy86 (137)
27 Feb 07
Kittens are the best. I got one for christmas and he is the most placid gentle cat i have ever met. All of my other cats i have had since they were kittens and none of them have been as affectionate as my murphy. he even licks u to clean him so he can save himself doing it. I think it is silly to be afraid of cats. Fair enough be scared of their cousins the Lions, Tigers, Leopards etc but not of little things that never even get as high as your knee.
• India
28 Feb 07
but mostly cats r pictured as a sign feariness even in movies....hope u remember the cat woman...and many thrillers and ghost stories always symbolise cat as sign of fright....aren't those threatening eyes of black cats dont fear u at nights?????