What kind of Engineer...

United States
February 27, 2007 1:22pm CST
What kind of engineer are you, and how long have you been doing it? do you love your career?
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• Pakistan
2 Jun 07
i am a process engineer doing this for about 1 year
@imj0ker (72)
• India
10 Apr 07
i shud hav started off as an electrical engineer coz dats d degree i hold..however i wud be starting as a software engnr..it hasnt started yet but i m lookin forward to it..i m sure it wud be great fun..
• United States
10 Apr 07
I am a domestic engineer. I received no certification for this, it just sort of came with the title "Mrs.". I've been doing it for 14 years now. I hate it. I'm not cut out to be a domestic engineer, but I don't have much choice in the matter.
@riprohit (21)
• India
10 Apr 07
Mechanical Engineer, I am just about to start my career .. But I know I am gonna love it
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
hi. i am 23 years old and i am a chemical engineer. i've had my license for almost a year now. i have been working for more than a year though. i am in the environmental consultancy business. perhaps there's work there in you place for me? ^_^
@sunny1984 (640)
• India
12 Mar 07
I am a network engg and working in this feild since last one year and also satisfied with my career.
@mak_hunk (30)
• India
7 Mar 07
I am doing computer engineering for last 3 years & love to do it. As I have lots of craze & interest to learn about anything related to computer
@webeishere (36353)
• United States
27 Feb 07
Okay I'm not nor ever been an engineer. But for 10 years I was a machinist CNC operator etc. I was working through temporary employment agenices at the time & they offered me a job running a CNC. When asked I told them I knew how to do it. Of course I lied as I needed employment very badly. Well once I arrived at the factory I again lied saying it's been a few years since I ran a CNC that I needed to be refreshed. they said just watch for the day then we shall see tomorrow. Well in short after a month there I had learned to set up & program all types of CNC's. I worked there for almost 10 years before getting laid off. I never even took algebra yet realized that is what a CNC program is when I learned to priogram them. Thanks for a chance for me to relate my story here. Happy posting newbie. HAHAHA.