what did you feel?

February 27, 2007 9:27pm CST
the first time that you saw your partner now, how was it? were there any instant connection? butterflies in the stomach? a sudden premonition or instinct that you know he/she is the one you're destined to be with? the first time i saw my boyfriend, i thought of him as snobbish and very mysterious, i find him attractive but there was no instant feeling of "he is the one!" i just had a moment of admiration, and afterwards, we went on with our lives. we belong to the same organization in school and so it was not really that hard to see him, though at that time, we both have our own relationships with other people. i treated him as an older brother and no romantic feelings were really flying during those days.. just then, after 3 months of break up from my previous guy, and he also being single at the time, he courted me. the thing is, the first time of meeting wasn't really that special, but during that certain day where we both got time to talk and just joke around about ourselves, i realized that we have a connection... it was during that time that the "butterflies in the stomach" appeared, the excitement of seeing him, wandering if he is around... so, was it an instant connection on your first meeting with your partner? how was it?
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