My Car is Snowed In

February 27, 2007 9:46pm CST
So I go to my car today after class because I’m supposed to be driving to meet my sister for supper (because she’s in town with her fiance and my nephew), and I get to my car and it is completly snowed it…but not an accidental, blame mother nature snowed it…Someone took the time to put a huge pile of snow behind my car, as well as pack it all under the entire passanger side (under the tires and up to the bottoms of the windows. So now, like any person would be, I’m pissed. I call my sister and she has to come pick me up from the university. If I had my camera with me at the time, I would have taken a picture. Now I get to go and to someone tomorrow morning who will divert me to someone else, and the chain will continue until I get really mad and either a) break something b) swear at someone, or c) tell them i want to pursue legal action. (The third of which I’m sure they would just laugh at). What makes me more upset than anything is that they are only supposed to plow the lots on the first friday of every month. They did it during reading week when my car was still here (and it was not on the first friday of any month), and so my car was on top of a huge pile of snow then….and now, they do it again, and block my car in AND IT STILL ISN’T THE FIRST FRIDAY OF ANY MONTH!
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