the democracy of wretchedness

@yulidb (15)
February 27, 2007 11:07pm CST
Democracy is is the everyone all want to get of right,regretable is not everyone all the ability sit up the head of stat of position, politics make not to become by turn sit a Chuang,so the democracy destine is can't much get of thing. Speak of democracy,the west seem to custom it first,every the time presidential campaign head quarter make hot fire dynasty God,all votes contain a ballot,which want to be heah of state,by this time and have to try to please with fawn on once small common people,democracy at this several days it may be side reach the peak,no one be by this time daring pair of civilian common people not approprite person. In fact and otherwise can the common people follow one's inclinations an elections?Want the Yao approve, Yao abstention,after careful selection be that a few candidate,compare to a student examination, run into only have a result of choice?don't choose is nothing doing,Say so,the democracy that is nowadays be just the democrach of wretchedness.
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