Why do we forget things????

February 28, 2007 12:09am CST
I m having loads of problems nd when i shared with my friends than i found that we have almost uniform problems.One problem i have been suffering since many years that i forget things very oftenly.I have a very short term memory.In studies i am unable to revise things i have learnt coupe of days ago nd that is why i have to do learn things three or four times..:@.This is not only in studies but in my daily life as well.The other day i insert my laptop on charging nd forget to unplugg after required time nd the battery got overcharged..:@..i have been told my techincians not to overcharge laptop as it reduces battery life..There are many examples of my weak memory..will share some funny of them other time.. Do u ppl deal with such kind of problems or is it just me???
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
28 Apr 07
well being forgetful i think is really part of our daily lives, there are things that we have not been attentive and thus, we forget it. my suggestion is for you to not do many things at a time, this could be one way for you to concentrate first on what you are doing.
• Singapore
1 Mar 07
Same here, I have short term memories as well. I don't remember any birthdays and stuff. I think one good way to remember things is to write them down and put it at one place that you will see it often. This can be an organiser where you will refer to anytime you need to recall some informaton. Yoong Kheong http://www.wecaretuition.com http://earnalittlecashonline.blogspot.com
• Pakistan
28 Feb 07
Forget - Forgetting Things is not a good thing
I think We Forget THings Things Due to the lack of concentration. We don't have to read or learn time again if we put Our whole concentration on the subject. We Should have to be attentive and mentally present during our studies. And the most important thinhg Is that We Should have our mind fresh. for the daily routines, I think we should be Attentive and mentally present for the whole day.