What is mean my ONE-OFF AND ON-LINE

February 28, 2007 12:53am CST
Is it refers to any, unlikely to be repeated action.? and ON-LINE refers to system that used a number of input / output terminals which can be geographically separated from the computer during geographically separated from the computer during the main processing by great distances. it asl refers to the situation when a job is performed by a device under the control of CPU... What your opinion...
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• Singapore
28 Feb 07
You are right. One-off simply means that this action will happen only ONCE, this once, and will not happen again. As for on-line, nowadays it simply means being connected to the Internet. If you are connected, you are on-line (or just online), otherwise you are off-line (or just offline). In business terminology, on-line could also mean that everything is connected and linked properly. Geographical distance is not a factor in a network - the components of the network can be at many different places. They just need to be connected into one cohesive whole. Hope this helps. ;-)