What is your procedure after you log on mylot ?

February 28, 2007 1:05am CST
This is my procedure: 1)First, I will click on the discussion I have started to see if there are any responses to the discussions i have started. usually, there are some there.and then i will try to give replys to all responses. 2)Second, I will go to the discussions my friends started, I will check if thereis any interesting discusions i want to join. 3) Third, I will go to the recent discussions to find some interesting topics. 4) last, I will click here, click there without any purpose. usually, i will not stay quite long at this last stage. How do you do it? let us know.
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• Indonesia
19 Jul 10
first thing I do after login Mylot is to see whether there is a message or friend request or not. Then I saw a discussion list created from my interest. I sometimes then open the email, and respond to a discussion of the notifications in my email.