Sri Lanka
February 28, 2007 1:52am CST
most of the youngsters spend their time in chatting and most of the young girls have been abused. chatting rooms are meant to share good about life. then why do most of the people miss use it so badly. its really unfortunate to say that most of the guys creates false ids and abuse the innocent girls and the same thing happens to young boys. as most of the ladies provoke young boys and abuse them verbally. why is that? why cant there be a system which can filter chatting and restrict chatting???
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• India
28 Feb 07
well this is wild wild west so dont be a moron and just venture out like thta, be on your guard and you never face what all you written
• Sri Lanka
1 Mar 07
its not the west and east. why do people misuse the good things? where can u get the guard? how do one protect himself or herself from such abuse? instead of finding a cure why cant we prevent them? why do we see things in this way- to face it or guard it? instead of that we can stop such madness. sharing feelings with a chat guy who can be a girl or boy (for we are not sure with whom we are chatting) is degrading practice and is not healthy for life. better we can pay attention to the sufferings and the downtrodden. i never faced such misfortune. never will be. thanks Techwarrious(168)