February 28, 2007 2:15am CST
Lets talk about forex.. Im a newbie in this thing,and i started since a year ago with Marketiva platform,but until today i still cant thinking how the traders can predict the movement of currency price.Actually,Marketiva is one of the Best Forex Trading Platform i've ever heard...They will give u FREE $5 to start your own trading.. Anyone interested on this, please check out this Marketiva link..... :
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@aissar (414)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 07
Hey I'm a newbie to Forex too. I started out with Marketiva and tried dabbling with the market. Predicting the price movements is no mean feat, yet with a sharp sense and quick reflex you could easily earn. I tripled my free 5$ to 17$ now. Can't wait until it reaches a higher amount so I could start withdrawing. I recommnet too. They teach you a lot about forex and the information there is priceless for beginners.
• Malaysia
1 Mar 07
Thanks for your info.. Once i've reach $98 from my initial $5, but unfortunately now i just have $1.20.. what i need is, a very good GURU to teach me how to understand all those indicators such like fibonacci,Bolinger band,parabolic,stocastic and etc...My highest erning $98 totally a luck.. now i realise how important the knowledge before become a real Forex tarder...Anyway...thanks to everyone that giving me priceless info on how to become a good Forex trader...
@NatureBoy (493)
• Singapore
28 Feb 07
I'm sure you have heard of technical and fundamental analysis. In forex, there are also terms called news trading. Technical analysis would involve a lot of charting. Understanding of indicators and charting tools. Some easy ones you can try to pick up are the use of the Moving Averages. This coupled with the Bollinger Band will give you something to look for maybe in the Intra-day period. I use more sophisticated TA like fibonacci and pivots. Cheers