100 years

February 28, 2007 3:30am CST
Can mankind actually live in this world another hundred years without causing the apocalypse? We have weapons that can destroy everything and more and more countries are developing these weapons.
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@aries_0325 (3062)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
Nuclear armament isn't a thing that brings us closer to mass murder - history teached us differently. Why do you think that the Cold War stayed cold? Not because the Americans and the Soviets could get along so damned nicely. They were both afraid of each other's nuclear weaponry. The result was that instead of an all-out war (which I'm sure it would have been had it not been for the nukes), they kept stacking weapons until oen of them collapsed on itself. The oppressive Soviet regime couldn't get along economically or socially with the western world. Compared to the First and Second world war, the only war that did have constant threat of nuclear weapons from both sides was a relatively innocent war. Yes, I know that the Korean War and Vietnam weren't exactly happy happy fun fun thingies. But compared to WW2... As to overpopulation, or the food shortages that people claim that come with that - I'm not afraid of them. If people need food more badly, then people will start producing food more. If people need more ways to create food, people will be more innovative when it comes to finding methods of creating food. Why? Because, simply put, the price of food (and later, means to produce it) would rise and that is one hell of an incentive for people to start producing it. As long as society rewards the innovative and the productive, no harm will be done in this respect.
@Edricj (98)
• Nigeria
28 Feb 07
I believe it is possible. Although new devastating weapons are developed, new ways of protection are also developed. There is no end to development (whether good or bad), and same with protective measures. Cheers.