I feel hard to leave UTP next sem.. Arghhhhhh...

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February 28, 2007 3:49am CST
Hey.. Welcome to mylot. I would like to discuss about me and Universiti Teknologi Pertonas(UTP). Well, as you know. UTP is a private university at Seri Iskandar, Tronoh, Perak, Malaysia (hehe.. need to specify). This is my 2nd year and 2nd sem i'm here. Next sem i will go for the internship. Actually, i fell hard to leave UTP because there have alot of movie shared in DC++. Haha.. Sound funny right?? Yes. I fell same with my roomate last sem said, "Beratnya rasa hati nak tinggalkan UTP. Bukan sebab apa, banyak muvi kat DC++". He said, he feel hard to leave UTP. Coz he can always get movie at DC++. Haha.. Now he is in internship at Negeri Sembilan. Well, To those who are never know before about UTP, come and visit www.utp.edu.my. Some of the country may apply for persue your study here. Ehem. Enough promotion. Friends, share with me your feel, experience or anything regarding UTP and you. And for those who interested to join this discussion, feel free to give any feedback or comment.:)
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@hopefoo (1145)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 07
So, what's studying in a local university like? I've always wondered about that. Being chinese, I didn't get a seat in any local universities after form 5. They wanted me to go through 2 more years of form 6. As if I'm gonna wear those stupid uniforms for two more years PFT! I didn't even know that Petronas has a University. What do you study there? What's Tronoh like? Isit a very big or small? Do you have friendster or myspace? If you do, join this one too http://www.hashbush.com/signup.php/?refer=element Do all the things that you do on friendster or myspace but get paid for it. Get paid for uploading pics, make quiz, send bulletin, play arcade games, leave comments, etc.