CRASH DIETS!?You dont wanna say goodbye to mouth watering dishes arent you?

February 28, 2007 7:45am CST
CRASH diets!!oh come one..You see deliciouse food all around you.and you rather chew on raw veggies for the rest of your life?Come on..Go to the gym,instead of crashin yourself into ulcer.I had it before.It sucks.I just eat normally.EAT BREAKFAST!!..dont skip lunch or dinner.!i had that before also.hehe..i lost 5 kg coz of that within 2months.i get's me super is wonderfull.hehe.enjoy!
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15 Jan 08
Diets suck! I hate restraining my food intake to gross things, or to things that just don't fill me up. Being on a diet makes me feel out of control, and like i can't concentrate on anything else. all i think of is food when i'm trying to diet. i will most definetly not stop eating my favorite foods and dishes just because someone calls me fat. nope, no surely i wont do this until i feel that i'm fat.
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6 Mar 07
Yea Diets are stupid unless combined with excercise and eating the right stuff. Just cause you eat vegetables doesn't mean you will lose weight you have to excercise, so I agree. Plus if you eat your important meals and just cut out the saturated fat from certain things then you are all good...