being a happy person

February 28, 2007 9:03am CST
happy, everybody wants to be happy, right? is there anyone who prefer suffering than happiness? i think there is none in this world wanna feel suffering. but do you know the fact? it's hard to feel happy nowadays. so many people are suffered because so many things, such as their worried or anxiety about their life, future, job, relationship, family, financial planning, etc. so much anxiety come and fulfill our life so those things replace happiness in our heart. i wanna tell you something, if you think that happiness is hard to get, you are absolutely wrong. do you know something? happiness isn't an expensive thing to buy, a must die thing to get, NO!! it's a matter of choice, do you choose to be happy or not, if you choose to be happy, you will become a happy person, it's simple right? so how could you get a happiness? you could feel happy by make a list of blessings that you have received in a day. by that, you will know how much you've been blessed. trust me...if i start to feel sad or sorrow night enter my life, i start to make a blessing list, and i realize that i've been blessed everyday, even my single breath is a bless cause if the air is not free of charge, i will never ever able to pay whole air that i've suck in my life. so...make a list of blessing is one way to make you feel happy. remember...focus to every blessing that you have received is your choice to feel happy. are the one who choose happiness, who have a responsibility to choose happiness in your life!
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@chandra38 (147)
• India
28 Feb 07
i am the one who wants to suffer but there is a reason for that , at night times when i don't feel like sleeping then i would beat myself of pinch myself so that i could feel the pain and fell asleep................
• Indonesia
1 Mar 07
why are u so suffering? i know that life is full with so many problem, but if you decide to face your problem, get up and try to find a help, maybe you don't need to beat yourself of pinch, do you enjoy suffered? it will bring nothing except life destruction