Invention of computer

February 28, 2007 9:08am CST
i thought of a thing....... what would be happening now if the computers was not invented
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@nazrai (6)
• Malaysia
2 Mar 07
I think most of the things we take for granted will be more difficult and time consuming. Efficiency to work also decreased by about 70%. Even so, we won't fill the difficulties because we never knew the existing of the computer. And life will be as normal.
@nowment (1758)
• United States
28 Feb 07
We wouldn't have many of the conviences we take for granted, cell phones, and other items that we consider necessities would not be around. I do enjoy having the cell phone knowing in emergencies I can reach the people I need to, I like being able to just go online and look things up instead of spending hours of research time in a library, as I did when I was in school. I do wonder though where we would be, I look at all the changes in history from 1937 to today and it shows that life would be very different. I say 1937 because that was when George Stibitz decided that the electomechanical relays that were cheif componets of telephone switching system could be used for other purposes. Which was different from the analog computer built in 1927 by Vannevar Bush, that could do math calculations. Even though at first Stibitz Model K also was about math calculations. In 1940 he did the first telecomputing. So it is interesting to think about where were we in 1937 or 1927 and what direction were we headed in, or should we wonder where we would be if the telephone was not invented since this is what gave idea to the early computer?
• United States
28 Feb 07
Well, I would probably be doing something far more constructive with my time than earning $0.02 for posting this reply. Like cleaning the kitchen or going into work early to get ahead this week (which I would need to do, because I would be writing and researching everything out by hand rather than using the computer.)