How it's like working in Nigeria

February 28, 2007 12:04pm CST
As an expatriate working in Nigeria, I would be saying that it is equally frustrating as well as interesting. One hand, you saw that most people tend to stay with the "easy-money" work attitude. At least for my experience, there are very few individuals by whom you can really say they are good in their job. Most people complain when you give them something to do. But not all, I have met people who are very much willing to learn new crafts, new skills, some people who will invest their time to learn. That is the frustrating part. Maybe because I can see how my country is bearing with them... It is interesting, for my case, as a Filipino, I would say, this is just one of the few places where we are being reverred as the MASTER. Most, if not all Filipinos, have their own driver, maids, etc... The pay for expatriate is relatively higher than any oil producing coutnries, especially the middle east. With regards to the risk involve in working here, I should say that, danger is everywhere! If there are kidnappings of expatriates here, it is wise to mention that there are bombings in other parts of the world, London and India, for example have train bombs, right? So it is up to the individual to safeguard his own life. I have so many things to write, but let me end this post on this. Ask me questions... For the NIGERIANS out there, please pardon me if I fail to mention other beautiful things about NIGERIA... I would still love to come back there if I could...
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