is gone...

February 28, 2007 12:05pm CST
atleast it looks like that. I liked the site because I could turn the 0,60$ Ads from there to over 3$ worth T.T now it seems like the site is gone. Now even the emails reach the server but the scary thing is that I still get paid mails from there but if I click them I get the same "Server not found" error. Some one knows more than I do?
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@defeated (141)
• United States
3 Mar 07
I would be VERY careful with this site if I were you.... Just passing on what I have seen - couldn't copy and paste the link - but the thread is pinned in the top of the "General Discussion" folder.
• Germany
3 Mar 07
wow, thx for the info... my luck that my computer seems to didn't got damaged... I wouldn't have guessed that that site of all others would be infected. maybe it's down because of that because the admin wants to clean it or got massive trouble. I'll checkout my other sites if some are dangerous and reactivate my background virus-scanner (even if I hate it extremly) thanks alot buddy
• Germany
4 Mar 07
well now it seems online again but now unter my background virus scanner is already off again because the damn thing f***s my pc up so it freezes every 10 secs for 3 secs. If I would catch something, I don't care, the scanner is more annoying than the fact that I could catch something.
• Pakistan
3 Mar 07
well they scam us sooner or later. the best thing is that you cant regret anything cause they are not worth the rffort