Do love ends after marriage.

February 28, 2007 12:08pm CST
After marriage does it happens to everybody. It seems like the understanding ends right there. Do people forget the love that brings them together. Why we lose the attraction? Please advice.
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@r2dits (1)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
in these situition it needs both is communication and be open if possible dont sleep while there is things that cannot be seetled right away and specially is let be GOD is the center of your relationship both couple follow his footstep and command everything will be live in a good, pleasant and perfect will of GOD.......
@muharad (15)
• Malaysia
1 Mar 07
Hi mustang02, Actually before we get married, we must set in our mind that the marriage is not a short term "investment". It is a long term life sharing and we must ensure that happiness, understanding will last forever. Anyhow we cannot avoid some misunderstanding issue arise during marriage but it suppose not to eliminate love and caring. What do you think?
@coolsid2007 (1030)
• India
28 Feb 07
We have a wrong defination of LOVE... and create all those false notions in our mind thinking love is this and love is that... we try to follow movies or an imaginary world ... which actually never really existed... LOVE that you are talking about is not love but EXCITEMENT... ATTRACTION cannot define the intensity of love... it is just one of those parts of which we call love ACTUAL love is all about SACRIFICES, ADJUSTMENTS, COMMITMENTS, ... also at the beginning of the love life we tend to think that LOVE is LIFE./.. later on we realise LOVE is not LIFE... but its rather just a PART OF LIFE... also the fact that once when we are attracted towards a particular person... we try to attract that person towards us... and while doing so ... we only show best part of our personality and try to hide our not so best side of our personality ... after marraige we know all the sides of our partner and so then we start thinking ... this is not the person whom we would have fallen for.... LOVE is all about ACCEPTING the PARTNER with HIS/HER flaws... REMEMBER attraction was never born towards you in entirety... it was just for the BEST PART of your side... now your parner know all about YOUR best part and not so best part!!! even if you tell her/him or not.. they know it already... so try to get out of that fuzzy world and love your partner as he/she of luck