Real Estate

@vicat506 (132)
United States
February 28, 2007 1:02pm CST
I was wondering if ther was anyone out there that is involved in real estate or knows someone who is. I have wanted to buy and sell houses for a living, and think I might go for it now. I've got myself an agent, and have some prospective houses in my area lined up. Does anyone have any tips, advice, or comments on this?
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28 Feb 07
The best advice i can give, is to start small then build your self up. get easy houses that can be completed quickly. buy and sell about 5 houses then on the 6 house you keep it and rent out. then buy and sell another couple then keep the next one. that means you will make money and build a property portfolio for when you retire. the more houses you can rent out the more money you will have when you retire