So, we all know...

February 28, 2007 7:01pm CST
We have all seen on T.V the boy in the UK who is 95kg, at age 10. There has been alot of debate about whether or not he should be taken from his mum, in the end he wont be. I have a simliar situation at work! I work in a childcare centre, and recently changed which centre I am working at. There is a little girl there, she is 2, and weighs 35kg. I saw her, and nearly fell over! I went to change her nappy, and she is too big to lift. So she either has to walk up specially made stairs to get to the change table, someone has to help you lift her, or she just has to stand while you change her. She is in the biggest size nappies and they arent even big enough, so the mother told us to masking tape the sides so they dont come undone. The worst is yet to come, she has difficulty breathing when she sleeps. She cant lay on her back or tummy, or her lungs will be squashed, so she lays on her side and she sounds like a winded rhino. Its so sad to see! When her mum came to pick her up, she brought in her other 2 children, who are in primary school and HUGE aswell. When her mum walked in, she ran over to her and started yelling out "Don Dons".. I didnt understand, then the mum pulled McDonalds out from her handbag. I spoke to the other ladies I work with, and apparently she walks in with it in the morning, and every afternoon her mum gives it to her when she picks her up. The worst part is, her mum complains about her daughters weight and 'Just doesnt understand why she is getting so big.' Im scared for this little girl, she is going to grow up and have a heart attack at 10! I just dont know what to do or say.. What do you guys think? What should we do to help this little girl? Have you guys been in simliart situations? Should children like this be taken off their parents and be put into more sutable homes?
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