What with you do with a student in this situation

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February 28, 2007 10:02pm CST
A class has a test and are told several times to prepare a data sheet to help them and were even given a revision class in which they could do this. On the day of the test student X turns up without one and hadn't done one. During the test student y starts talking with student x. It turns out that X and y's sheet and y wants it back. X is told they since they didn't make one themselves they can't use anyone elses - it was up to them to be prepared. 5 minutes later X has another data sheet this time belonging to student z. Student x is asked to move away from y and z, and after major attitude does so. Student x then says it the teachers fault that they failed this test, they should have been allowed to use other students work and they should not have been moved. What are your thoughts?
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1 Mar 07
X would get an F, y and z would be penalized for helping X. This will help them in the future, even though they won't like this, in the long run they will find it a benefit.
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