Have you seen babies too small, it can fit into a shoe box?

February 28, 2007 10:52pm CST
I hope the mother is not to be blamed. There are pregnant women who do not really do their part to give nutrition to their unborn. If you smoke, drink alcohol or desire to abort the baby.
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11 Apr 07
My first was born into Heaven weighing 485 grams, my second was born weighing just 4 lbs. Both were premature and through no fault of my own. Yes there are women that dont look after themselves when pregnant but tiny babies more often then not are NOT due to this. Medically there can be problems that cause the child to not grow well or be born premature.
@MarkyB21 (1545)
1 Mar 07
Most of the really tiny babies are premature births and are due to unexpected complications. While some pregnant women do chose to drink, smoke or do other harmful things whilst pregnant I hope it's a very small minority. I was born premature even though my mother was healthy when she was pregnant with me - and I was very small but I had a big appetite and was pretty big by the time I was a year old. By the time I went to school I was bigger than most of my friends.
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1 Mar 07
yes i've seen babies weigh 5 pounds and it's a normal size said the doctor