how many times do u say "i love u" 2 ur gf/wife/husband

@rockky (186)
February 28, 2007 11:09pm CST
hey frnds how mant times do u all say i love u to ur loved once....since i dont have any gf i dont say even for a single time in a day.....lolz
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@lpipe0240 (1161)
• United States
1 Mar 07
I tell me wife I lover her everytime I say good buy to her. Weather it be leaving the house, ending a phone converstation, or at the end of an e-mail. Sometimes I say it when we have the connection moment that makes me realize why I love her.
@rockky (186)
• India
3 Mar 07
WOW!!! so chweeeeeeeeeeeeet
@karen_24 (320)
• Philippines
30 Mar 07
mine, almost everyday because im in a relationship right now.....and he is far from me...he is always calling to check me and always saying iloveyou.....happy posting
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
u know i always say i love you to the things i love just as i would to people...i think i say it 5 times maximum a day to my boyfriend and so like he was with me
• United States
4 Mar 07
I don't know how many times I say "I love you" to my husband because I have not counted them. I think I say to him how much I love him by touching him, and kissing him. I am afraid it is not enough. So I tell him every 5 minutes "I love you""
@Rabito (16)
• Indonesia
1 Mar 07
I'm not usual saying I Love U to my bf, as I'm not romantic person. I realize sometimes I make him sad as he wants me to say it at least. I love him, really, but I prove it by action, not in words. I try to make it common to say I Love U, eventhough it's very difficult. Give me the way....