@vanities (11387)
Davao, Philippines
March 1, 2007 2:13am CST
have you ever worked at a job where you felt a strong bond with your co-workers?
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@gemini1960 (1162)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
actually havent yet felt always got enemy on the workplace..i dont know why..maybe im too arrogant or ignorant??
@littlemoo (317)
• Australia
1 Mar 07
Yep! Right now! I've just started a new job with 4 colleagues. All 5 of us are very similar in so many respects. We get along very well, and feel free sharing everything! Good thing too, as we're going to be together for the next three years!
@anonymili (3138)
1 Mar 07
I can't think of the last job that I had where I am not in touch with at least a handful of my co-workers. I always make a point of trying to get along with everyone that I work with. If you're spending up to 40 hours a week in people's company it's really helpful if you get along with them. I still regularly meet up with a group of colleagues from a company I left in 1998 where I worked for 7 years. I am in email contact with many of my old colleagues and make a point of keeping in touch regularly. It's so much easier with email being so commonly used these days. Where I work now I'm the only woman in my office and I feel quite sisterly/maternal to pretty much all of my colleagues. I go out socially with them and we have a good laugh, they all know I'm happily married and on one ever crosses the boundary of friendship - I have always made a point of this even in previous jobs. I have avoided dating anyone I worked with as I have seen so many people doing this and then it being awkward if and when they split up. Being good friends and ensuring you maintain a working friendship as opposed to anything else has always stood me in good stead with previous employers and I intend to continue doing the same :)