how many buzz do you have ?

March 1, 2007 2:25am CST
and what do you like get? i have 13 buz only because i get one prizee and my little sond 3 years old spend some buzz in pay games :)
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@kacana (541)
• Bulgaria
3 Mar 07
I now have 16.52 bubz, but the overall amount of bubz that i won is higher. I won two joypads, bought some gadgets for guardian angel(thanks to them i was able to complete it several times.But I didn't know that you can use only 3 a game and bought 4 - unlimited catanas, more time twice and the option to reload a level. Now i wonder if there is a way to sell it back. Does anyone know?) and sinkyfrog ark(i bought gadget for freezing the water for 30 seconds. But it wasn't really helpful, because there are levels when the starting point of the water is very low and if you fall there it's impossible to climb up.).I also lost some bubz on the chalanges. I think that is a lost of time and mainly bubz playing them, you never win. What do you think?
@axelady (145)
• Portugal
18 Apr 07
I have over 60 bubz but i never buyed tickets.
@richux (119)
• Lithuania
12 Apr 07
I have only 2,8 Bubz but I' playing at only for 7 days.
@dtar100 (14)
• Morocco
5 Apr 07
32 bubz
@manase79 (118)
• Romania
11 Mar 07
I have 22,56 bubz and 150 days. I'm a silver 2 player, and I have won 2 gifts: a mini radio and a neon pen.
@jazgottt (1181)
• Poland
5 Mar 07
I have almost 40 bubz, but I'd have more if I wouldn't bought few things ( yoyo, 2 miniradios, joypad, 2 keyrings, wallet). I have been playing almost every day for 460 days, and I have no refferals. Sometimes I spend my bubz on paygames. I play games on other sites, which offer Prizeecodes.
@alecsutz (13)
• Romania
3 Mar 07
i have 10 BuBZ