HOLY CRAP, You post 50 discussions a day??

United States
March 1, 2007 2:40am CST
I heard someone on here say that they like to post about 50 discussions a day. Is this where all the crappy discussions are coming from? I would be making postings like "Should I go get another cup of coffee or switch to pop?"..lol. Do you think people know that its about the QUALITY of the postings and not the QUANTITY.. I get a lot of responses to my discussions usually. But if I go posting 50 a day, you people would leave here cross eyed and drooling...lol
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@joby_09 (498)
• Philippines
1 Mar 07
yesterday, i made 96 posts and i made sure that those were 4-liner posts. i was really eager yesterday to increase my earnings so i posted so many replies. actually, my target was to make 100 post but i thought its enough that i hit 100. (i already have 16 posts at the start of the day). So i think it is really possible to make more than 50 posts. Cause i just did =)
• United States
1 Mar 07
WOW..you go girl.. Did it pay off? How much did you get for that, and did you get a lot of responses on EACH one?
@xeron0719 (812)
• Hong Kong
1 Mar 07
Yes, I know that QUALITY is the most important factor for our posts. But unfortunately, mylot would pay 10 relatively less attractive posts then 1 good post. That's why most of the people here start to post more as most of us all want to make more money in here. That's why there are so many members join mylot. That is what I find in one of my discussion, "Did you join mylot because of money?", I have more than 180+ responses from this discussion, and nearly most of the respondents said yes! LOL
@ZenDove (698)
• United States
1 Mar 07
lol! I have had the same thought in the 3 days that I have been a member. I have yet to hit the 50 mark in those 3 days but my husband still thinks I spend too much time here. Yeah, the pop-off questions are annoying. I try not to be judgmental, this is supposed to be an open forum, so we run that risk. When people post and respond to questions like "What color are your eyes?" they're just trying to get there .02 cents, or whatever the credit may be. I'm here because I like to find out what people are thinking and because I like to hear myself "talk". lol Some of the discussions are intense and informative, some are cathartic and even uplifting. Let's just hope that the quality is never lost amongst the rabble.