We shlould not always tell the truth!

March 1, 2007 2:40am CST
It is most people's belief that"honesty is the best policy"in most sutuations.This is because once we become known for telling lies, we will lose the trust ofthers, and the trust,once lost,is hard to recover.However,i believe that there are situations in which it is better not to tell the truth. Sometimes truth brings unnecessary hurt.For example,if a man breaks up with his girlfriend and she says terrible things about him,there is no point in telling the man what she says.In the case,the truth is no benefit and will only hurt the man.Similary,if a plump lady is buying a coat which she obviously likes,and asks for your opinion,there is no need to remind her that she looks no slimmer in it.I do not believe that we have the right to hurt others unnecessary in the name of truth. To sum up,we should think before you speak,even when it means deciding between the truth and a lie,We should balance the situation,especially when it is a matter of personal opinion.The truth should be told as much as possible,but I am convinced that telling a white lie is just as good when the situation calls for it.
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1 Mar 07
I agree with you totally! What is the point in telling someone something that is going to only hurt them. I don't see any at all. I try my hardest not to hurt the people I care about and if that means telling them that yes that picture you drew is very good then why not? Who is it hurting?