Alcohol and pregnancy...

@astromama (1226)
United States
March 1, 2007 2:51am CST
I am well aware that this is a controversial subject, but I am suffering from insomnia and lack of sleep due to side pain and hip pain. I am thisclose to caving in and having a beer before bed to relax my muscles and zonk me out. I know women in Europe supposedly drink during their pregnancies, but i live in the U.S. where it's considered a much bigger deal. I'm interested to hear people's opinions on this. And, if you happen to be a European woman, do you feel a glass of wine or beer in the last trimester relieved some discomfort for you. Seriously, I am going on twelve hours of sleep combined in the last three days... maybe that's why my posts are getting less articulate!
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1 Mar 07
I eally think that one berr isn't going to hurt. As long as it doesn't turn into a regular thing and is just something you have on the odd occasion I would say go for it. i think at this stage that you being well rested is more important.
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