Where would you, most, wish to be touched? How?

March 1, 2007 4:13am CST
Where would you, most, wish to be touched? How? Why there? Why not someplace else? Why not somehow else? Now, some of you will be cringing at being asked such a personal question in such a direct manner. Hopefully. though, you are open to the dawning realisation that such a question can be received on several levels. Yes, initially, reflexively we process such a question in a physical dimension. 'Is he asking where an my body I wish to be touched! How dare he!'. Then, we can entertain the queston on a more mind level, a more cognitive level. This would make the question a 'little' less intrusive, a 'bit' more palatable. And thirdly, belatedly, we begin to see that the question "where would you, most, wish to be touched? How?" actually, well, welcome. In african humanism, a philosophy of life that is being marginalised by this modernising, materialised world of ours, there is the passionate appreciation that all issues, all life concepts, can have multiple levels of actualisation, multiple truths, multiple absolutes, and multiple dimensions, all depending on the person receiving the information. And so, respectfully, I invite you to re-reflect, and if you choose to, share (in whichever dimension you receive the question), "where would you, most, wish to be touched? How?".
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