Who wants to be a millionaire...?

@pagibig (300)
March 1, 2007 5:07am CST
I was doing some thinking a few days back. Wondering how mylot could earn if they pay us. Now here are my thoughts PLUS computations...of course they are not accurate. Google Adsense pays you on a cost-per-click system or cost per page impression. MyLot has google adsense integrated in every discussion page. I read a couple of weeks ago that for mylot has 8000 active members at one time. and 1000 members would click/search per second. Now according to google adsense, for example for ever 45,000 page impressions, one could earn around $4.00, this is not exact because it will differ from one advertiser to another. if 1000 members click per second, then there will be 60,000 clicks per minute and 3,600,000 clicks in 1 hour. So for example if google pays mylot $4 for every 45,000 clicks or page impressions, then mylot earns $80 in one hour. that's $1920 in 1 day, and $57,600 in 1 month. pretty nifty right? it could be more it could be less. and basically mylot is giving it back to us. most definitely NOT all almost 75000 members will reach the minimum payout. I didn't reach it for this month.
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