Do you think K500i have a bad joystick

@dhiyah (34)
March 1, 2007 5:20am CST
Mine is so bad, it cant be scroll down sometimes. If I receive a message, and want to read it, try to scroll down the joystick, but my phone will do something unexpected, the joystick think that we push them at the center, the phone will call the person who send you the message.
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• Philippines
1 Mar 07
my sister owns a K500i... and honestly, i hate the joystick! i get pissed when i borrow her phone just because of the stupid joystick.
@dhiyah (34)
• Indonesia
5 Mar 07
is this problem happened to other sony ericsson's product? or it only for k500i?
@asteriskec (1074)
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
OMG I'm so happy to see fellow discontented SE k500i users! My phone just conked out a few weeks ago because of the joystick. I hate, hate, hate it! Now I have no other choice but to discard of the unit and hopefully buy a new phone (I want to check out the new Motorola Razrs) --- that'll be my last SE purchase ever!
• India
1 Mar 07
Ya you are right. My brother owns a sony ericsson K500i and its joystick doesn't works well. Sometimes he is very irritated and he is even thinking of selling it.