Is popularity a good thing or a bad thing on myLot?

March 1, 2007 7:52am CST
I am asking the question... because I have noticed that the people with deep meaningful intelligent questions and answers are rating low... while the people with simple general questions and answers are rating high.
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@angelicEmu (1311)
1 Mar 07
I think popularity can have something to do with it, although not really consistently. It's just one of those things you can never predict. Choosing a popular subject heading for your question can have a bearing on how many responses you get, but I suppose that asking a wide variety of questions, and lots of them is the best way of getting responses! All the best!
• Australia
2 Mar 07
Please note that I am talking about our star rating, as it is what determines our popularity.
2 Mar 07
Ah I see what you mean. Actually all the star rating means is that people have rated some of your individual comments or questions as positive. In fact, I'd say that people with a wide range of friends who answer their questions regularly etc. is a popularity-based way of making money too. The star rating doesn't really come into it, and is mainly just an indicator of how many fundamentalist christians you've p1ssed off with a question or answer.