breast feeding in public......who said we couldn't and why not???

United States
March 1, 2007 8:14am CST
in the e.r this lady was told she could breast fee her baby, by some rude nurse, her baby was obviously sick, red in the cheeks and screaming and any mom knows that breastfeeding and the baba usually solve most problems, after the lady left i gave the lady the extra blanket i had so and put i over her shoulder and the babies head so no one could see. i mean of all the things we can do in public, like wear a thong, drink alcohol, smooke, what is so bad about breastfeeding, the most natural thing for a mother to do, what are your thoughts?
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@gharinder (2044)
• India
1 Mar 07
yes definitely we could do it , and blanket to hide is a good option,
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@Shelite (212)
• Canada
2 Mar 07
It's so sad that in this day and age people are still afraid of this! Not the mothers...but the viewers. It really hurts that mothers still have to be worried over what people think. I am a 3 time bf'er and I did it when ever the baby needed it. That's what it's all about right. Supply and demand. And to think that a nurse didn't want the mother doing it. That's so wrong. She should have been told on. How rude. And how nice of you to offer a blanket to the mother. You're very sweet!