did you or do you bunk classes when you were in college?

March 1, 2007 11:47am CST
i maintained a balance b/w my classes and bunking though the rate of bunking increased with every year
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1 Mar 07
When I was at university I used to commute into the city, and it was not only incredibly expensive first thing in the morning, but it was also very uncomfortable because there were never any seats on the train. I missed a few early morning lectures, but it was in the subjects that I had least interest in studying. I tried not to make a habit of it though so probably only missed 2 or 3 lectures in total in the 3 years I was studying.
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• India
1 Mar 07
so u didnt actually miss ur lectures u just came late for them coz otherwise u were quite regular. well i have been there if u talk abt uncomfortable commute. there have been times when i have gone to school hanging on and standing on one leg on the bus coz there was no place to keep the other lol