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@addysmum (1225)
March 1, 2007 12:02pm CST
my husband and I just bought a house. On the day we did the walk through (2 days before possession) the bathroom ceiling was leaking. It was written into our agreement that the house was to be as seen on the day we first saw it, and there where no leaks. the seller turned to us and said to bad for you that the ceiling is leaking. My response was "no this is your problem to deal with, we don't take over for 2 days and this is not as we viewed it. He was very angry and made a big fuss over this. He then turned around and tried to have us take over his security system telling the security company that we threatened him with legal action if it wasn't signed over to us. Where does this guy get off. Do you think I was right to make him fix the leak?
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
2 Mar 07
Yes you were right. If the contract states that the house would be as you saw it originally and that at that time there were no leaks then he should do the repair or pay you to get it fixed. He knew what the contract stated and he was trying to get around it. He should have known better. With the security company it sounds like he was in a contract and was trying to get out of it. I hope you didn't take it over and that you let the company know that you did not want it.
@addysmum (1225)
• Canada
2 Mar 07
I have 3 dogs who combined weight is over 200 lbs. I don't need a security system screaming in everyones ear, something that people don't even pay attention to anyway. If you come in my home unwanted you will go to the hospital. Once you get past the dogs you will find me on the other side. I have training in 2 forms of martial arts something I started after getting beaten up at work. As far as the leak he had to cough up the money to fix the problem inside, we had already written into our mortgage a new roof so that is on us to do. He had to pay for a guy to go up and tarp off the leaking area however. I am not someone who just takes others garbage. I t broke on his watch he had to fix it.