What do u do in love ?

October 15, 2006 2:02pm CST
Finally Cupid struck....I am in Love...things have changed.Cant Sleep,Cant Eat.Want to Write poems...and keep thing of her....Does the same happened with u ???
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@xxtreme (594)
• India
23 Oct 06
yes it happens in love
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
21 Nov 06
When I am in love. I start daydreaming, about the person all the time.. mmmmm ooo lalala. And want to talk to them alot, sing to them mainly. I start singing songs about love, and then singing the Mushy Dumb dumb song I wrote calling myself a Mushy Dumb dumb :) ..... I tell myself until I find one thing about the person that is not perfect... I do not know the person enough to be very truely in love... as at first everyone we meet appears to be the little gentleman, or lady in our dreams.... The words to Mushy Dum Dumb are sange to the Tune... "Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don't know when I'll be back again" My head fills with love tunes good and bad and I start putting my name to theirs see if it sounds good or not lol.. Planning our live together trying to make sure what things I would compromise on and what I would not. Then I shake myself and say.. Snap outta it!! lol... I become a mushy dum dumb when in love :D - DNatureofDTrain -------------- Link to my page with the poem if you want to share it I rather you post a link to this thread or my page, if you print it off or email it please give me DNatureofDTrain credit. Thanks - Dana C. L. "DNatureofDTrain ---------------- link: http://dnatureofdtrain.freeservers.com/mushydumdumb.html Mushy Dum Dumbs - by DNatureofDTrain by D. C. L. (c) 2000 What do you call a person bit by love? ~mushy stuff~ Dancing with a Twitterpaited bug? ~crazy~ Their heads in the clouds, spinning round and round? ~out-of-it~ Swallowing music and feet not on the ground? ~what’s gotten into them?~ They just keep coming back, for more and more? ::shakes head ‘no’:: ~stupid~ And spending all their money at the store? ~they can’t afford that..~ They are being blind to see... This is a temporary fantasy. ~they are just using you, there is no love there~ What do you call a person bit by love, bitten by the twitterpaited bug, to blind to see reality?... mushy dum dum dum dum dumb mushy dumb. Mushy Dumb dumb dumb dumb Dumb Dumb Mushy mushy Dumb. Mushy Dumb Dumb Dumb Mushy Dumb Dummy Mushys mushies mushy Dumb. (c) D. C. L. DNatureofDTrain 2001-2006